The Ministry of Higher Education, Research, Science & Technology is pleased to announce that the United Kingdom through the Commonwealth Scholarship Commission (CSC) is offering Ph.D. Scholarships tenable from 2021.

Full details of the scholarships are contained in the 2021 Terms and Conditions which are available on the CSC website:


  • All candidates must demonstrate in their application the direct and applied relevance of their study to development in their home country. Candidates should make any such links explicit in their applications.
  • Commonwealth Scholarships are aimed at individuals who could not otherwise afford to study in the UK. Every candidate will be required to sign a declaration that they do not have access to sufficient funds to study in the UK and no candidate with the independent means to study in the UK should be nominated to the CSC.
  • Candidates will be asked to supply a personal statement within their application which will provide the selection panel with more information about their background and give an additional context to their application. It will be taken into account by the selection panel but will not be graded.

All candidates must apply using the CSC’s online application system latest by 18th January 2021.