Construction of new USET campus to begin in earnest




The Honourable Minister of Higher Education, Professor Pierre Gomez, during his visit to the new University of Applied Science, Engineering and Technology (USET), informed that government has already allocated land and construction of the new USET campus will begin in earnest. While construction is being done, the procurement of equipment and furniture will be provided. This visit forms part of the familiarization visits to different line institutions under the Ministry’s purview. The primary objective is to have firsthand information on their operations, developments and challenges.

Honourable Minister, Prof. Gomez is certain that after the construction of the University of Applied Science, Engineering and Technology is completed, students and lecturers will have enough space and facilities that will make teaching and learning effective and efficient.

Meanwhile, Prof. Gomez went on to notify that the government of The Gambia is ready to make sure the youth of this country are given the right skills, which in turn will address the unemployment rate and curb irregular migration.

“The youth are taking the deserts and Mediterranean seas. They need to be given hope to stay,” said Prof. Gomez, adding that the Ministry is making plans to have Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Centers available in each region across The Gambia. Currently, especially in the Northern Bank of the country, there is no public TVET institution. This is about to change.

For Minister, Professor Gomez, the country needs to graduate from hiring non-Gambians to be doing our work. Instead, we need to bread skilled technicians who will build the foundation. Which is why the mandate of USET is very important as it will train students in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and civil engineering. 

Furthermore, Prof. Gomez recognizes the support of partners such as the World Bank towards the transformation of GTTI/USET into an emerging center of excellence in science, technology, engineering and entrepreneurship – (STEE).

The Minister guarantees the support of MoHERST in the recruitment of qualified professors who will train the best technicians.

“We have to change the stereotype, so that the best go to TVET,” said Hon. Prof. Gomez.