Science Technology and Innovation

About Science Technology and Innovation (STI)

Science technology and innovation are essential tools for the realization of economic growth and development, poverty alleviation, food self-sufficiency and sustainable development. The STI programme of the Ministry is aimed at harnessing the potential of STI in the realization of the national development plan (NDP) goal of ‘‘…revitalized and transform economy for the wellbeing of all Gambians’’ through STEM education, innovation and entrepreneurship, exploitation of ICTs, the institution of proper governance framework and right infrastructure. 


Is to create and enhance a scientifically cultured society that contributes to the realization of a knowledge-based economy to support and improve the quality of life.



To build and strengthen national capacity and competencies in STI that will enhance the attainment of economic development and national competitiveness.


Guiding Principles in STI Development

To provide direction in the nation‘s quest to achieve the full benefits of STI, the following guiding principles should be adhered to:


It is necessary to ensure that there is full and unabridged national commitment to STI that translates into solid investments by both the public and private sectors and the widespread adoption of technologies for socio-economic development.


It is important to ensure full and maximum utilization of the country‘s scarce resources in strategic priority areas. Efforts must be focused on those sectors where the nation‘s greatest strengths lie and where the opportunities for growth and leadership are highest.


It is necessary to strengthen the nation's capacity and capability to effectively engage STI as a tool for wealth creation and social well-being through education, expansion and upgrading of the STI infrastructure.


The promotion of smart partnerships and synergies between civil society, research institutions, universities and industries will enhance the success of this policy.


It is necessary to enhance the nation's ability to commercialize national products, processes, services and outputs of research and innovations that meet market demands in a competitive way through the adoption of an aggressive export –oriented strategy.


It is essential to foster a culture that promotes creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship in STI through the creation of an environment that rewards market-driven ideas, supports science and innovation and inspires interest in STI indigenous technology careers.

Community Participation

The enhancement of community support, appreciation and active participation in STI development relevant to their daily lives and in accordance with acceptable national cultural norms, ethics and practices is essential.

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