Launching of The Gambia Robotics Teams

Launching of National Robotics Team

Robotics have gained increasing interest among various stakeholders within public and private circles nationally. This interest stems primarily from the fact that robotics is one of the keys and emerging technologies of our time and offers hope to inject new life into a decaying STEM education system and as well contribute towards addressing one or more of a combination of the grand engineering challenges. 


Implementing a successful national robotics programme requires participation from a wide range of stakeholders from both the public and private sectors. In a move to ensure success and sustainability of this programme, the Ministry proposed the establishment of a National Robotics Coordinating Committee to oversee the conduct and management of the national robotics competitions, design, validate and implement a national robotics curriculum for secondary schools and as well engage tertiary and higher education institutions on a path apply robotics knowledge and skills to address local technology and engineering challenges.