Students benefitting from this on the long-term training:

This is a $3-million-dollar project aimed at training as many Gambians as possible, both for short term and long term, in order to build their capacity in Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, Health and Agriculture

In the first instance, 235 applicants were interviewed in six days, and the seventh day was allocated for a review and update of allocations in relation to available funds and programmes.

Presently, 144 students are selected to do their MSc and PhDs in 11 centres situated in four countries.

Following the award of degrees, the ACE Secretariat in collaboration with the Project Coordinating Unit (PCU), Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education (MoBSE) have been facilitating the departure of ACE awardees to their respective institutions. Currently, 48 students have left The Gambia to pursue their Masters or Doctorate degree at 5 universities namely

  • University of Benin, Nigeria – Health ( 13 Masters, 4 PhD)
  • Benue State University, Nigeria – Agriculture (8 Masters, 1PhD)
  • University of Lagon, Ghana – (1 PhD)
  • Yaounde 1, Cameroon – Engineering (18 Masters)
  • Universite de Lome, Togo – Agriculture (2 Masters)
  • Ahmadu Bello, Nigeria – Lab Studies (3 Masters)
  • University of Gaston Berger, Senegal – tenable in The Gambia (Com. Sci. 18 Masters, 5 PhD; Statistics 20 Masters, 5 PhD; Mathematics 15 Masters, 5 PhD).

The departures of the remaining students to Ebeokuta, Bayero and Kwame Nkrumah Universities are being facilitated. Out of the 23 remaining students 8; 5 masters for Bayero University, and 3 PhD for Abeokuta have been cleared as at the April 4, 2015 and are being process for departure within the next 7 days.