Visit to Kanilai Skill Centre

At Kanilai Skill Centre, the Minister of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology reiterated that Kanilai too, should be delivered by September 2022.

MRC Holland Foundation is currently working on the construction of two dormitory blocks that can accommodate approximately 128 pupils; 64 girls and 64 boys. However, noticing there is so much work to be done with other training blocks, the Hon. Minister stated that it is time to work with development partners to make sure 2022 becomes a game changer. He went on to thank MRC Holland Foundation who he identifies to be government’s number one partner when it comes to investing in education.

“We know the malaise of Higher Education, it is now time to work on the solution,” Hon. Gomez stated.

Once operational, Kanilai Skill Centre will offer trainings in the following areas;

  1. Welding and Fabrication
  2. Carpentry and Joinery
  3. Masonry
  4. Motor Vehicle Mechanics
  5. Refrigeration and Air Conditioning
  6. Electrical Installation
  7. Satellite/Solar Installation and Maintenance
  8. Computer Science and IT
  9. Tailoring and Dress Making
  10. Shoe design and Pattern Making
  11. Bakery and Pastries
  12. Panel Beating
  13. Foundry Technology