Visit to Ndemban Skill Centre

At Ndemban Skill Centre, Hon. Prof. Gomez visited the Electrical/Electronic Engineering block, Automotive block, Administrative block and Dormitories. The dormitories are being built by MRC Holland foundation in support of government towards making available living quarters for students upon the completion of the centre.

The Minister observed that there are significant work pending, especially with regards finishing of the three blocks. To this effect, Hon. Prof. Gomez plans on engaging Project Coordination Unit (PCU), the Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs and relevant stakeholders to make sure finishing work is completed; equipment and furniture procured.

The Hon. Minister emphasized that Ndemban Skill Centre should be completed by September 2022. As the aim of MoHERST is to decentralize TVET and make it accessible to students across the country, the operationalization of Ndemban Skill Centre come September, will afford students the opportunity to learn skills that will be beneficial to their communities. Also, as young people are engaged in skills learning, the rural urban drift and irregular migration can be curbed.

Once operational, the centre will offer skills training in the following areas;

1.       Welding and Fabrication

2.       Carpentry and Joinery

3.       Construction and Block Laying

4.       Auto Mechanics

5.       Refrigeration and Air Condition Repairs

6.       Electrical Engineering

7.       Tailoring

8.       Channel and Satellite installation