GTTI will give you practical training on what you actually need to apply in the job market – Olushi Fayzal Ayomide

Meet Olushi Fayzal Ayomide, a dedicated and ambitious 18-year-old Nigerian, studying Computer Science at Gambia Technical Training Institute (GTTI). He also doubles as Student Union President of his department.

As a foreign student, Ayomide finds the learning culture at GTTI very friendly and interesting. According to him, the institution will teach you on-the-job skills you need to be a relevant computer science student. This, he emphasized will come handy in the job market.

In the next five years, Fayzal sees himself pursuing his dream of becoming a Cyber Lawyer by studying Law at Harvard University!

As a training institution, GTTI is mandated by the Government of The Gambia, through an Act of Parliament in 1980, to provide relevant education and life skills to its growing youthful population in order to meet the needs of the middle level technical and vocational human resources requirements of The Gambia.

As a result, the institution offers a range of courses and programs from certificate to advance diploma levels in a selection of technical and commercial disciplines.