Aminata K Jammeh

Aminata is a graduate of Motor Vehicle System and teaches Auto Mechanics (part time) at SOS Herman Meiner. She is also a young entrepreneur engaged in the production of cereal.

During her studies, Aminata discloses that she was faced with numerous challenges.

“Firstly, I was doing a course that is male dominant. As a result, others were discouraging me to drop the course and do another because Auto Mechanics, they say, requires power and is not for females”.

Amidst the odds, Aminata still went ahead to pursue her dreams.



“It was something I wanted to do and I did it,” she said, brimming with confidence.

According to Miss Jammeh, there still exist gender biases in the technical field as industries often demand to hire male graduates more so than females.

“We all sat in the same classroom, did the same courses. I believe we can all do the work,” she stressed.


Ousainou Boye

Ousainou is a 29-year-old former student of Gambia Technical Training Institute who studied Architectural Technology. He is currently operating a construction firm called Golden Head Associate (GHA) with four partners all of whom were GTTI students.

Coming from a commercial background in high school, Ousainou sees his ability to manage finances and architectural skills as an advantage.

To him, designing comes naturally.



I used to draw when I was very young. I would make models of a lot of things. Later on, I started utilizing computer paint to erect elevations. That was even before I knew what Architecture was,” he mused.

With a stern look on his face, Boye believes that a technically minded person will eventually become an independent individual.

“I don’t think you always have to say you have to be employed, just create an opportunity for yourself. If you are going to wait for somebody to employ you, then the stigma you are running away from as a skilled worker will still be there. Your boss will have to say do this and you will obey. So, why not you be the boss and create opportunities,” he advised.

Francis Gomez

Francis is a 23-year-old former student of Mechanical Engineering at GTTI. He now interns at Africa Energy Solution (AES).

According to him, Mechanical Engineering is the bone of this country. Notwithstanding, he acknowledges that the field of study is mostly underrated.



“The way some mechanics work can be quite dirty due to the fact that they do not have enough gears. So, when people see that, they say it is a dirty work while it is not,” he said, noting, the availability of proper gears makes the work of a Mechanic easy and professional.