Hon. Prof Gomez urges students to be ambassadors of TVET at IIHT graduation


The Honourable Minister of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology was invited as Chief Guest of Honor at the annual graduation ceremony of the Indian Institute of Hardware Technology (IIHT) held on the 16th of July, 2022.  The institute graduated students in IT, Network Security, Server Administration, Digital Marketing and Graphic Design.


In his speech, the HM of MoHERST, Prof. Gomez congratulated the graduates, urging them to be ambassadors to others, to embrace Technical and Vocational Educationa and Training  (TVET) and not see skills development as the last choice in our education ladder.  Also, he underscored two critical roles TVET play towards national development.


“The first is to provide training and professional growth possibilities for the growing number of youth. The second responsibility is to supply the trained labour required at all economic levels. In the absence of paid employment, the skills learned should be able to lead to self-sufficiency and accelerate the growth of the economy,” said Hon. Gomez.


According to Prof. Gomez, individuals have to pursue livelong learning skills to be able to determine their own destiny and career path. He informs that Ministry’s transformation of the Tertiary and Higher Education sector was premised on this need; to develop a highly skilled manpower that would champion the growth and development of various sectors of the economy.


 “To guide the transformation agenda, a Strategic Plan 2021 – 2025 was developed and is being implemented with support from international partners. Two (2) of our main public tertiary education institutions will be transformed into degree-awarding institutions and these include GTTI and Gambia College. GTTI has already been transformed into the University of Applied Science, Engineering and Technolgy (USET) and is running three (3) engineering programmes (Mechnanical, Civil and Electrical/Electronics Engineering). Other initiatives being undertaken include the development of a National TVET Policy 2021 – 2030, construction and refurbishment of TVET Centres in various regions of the country and provision of equipment,” said Hon. Gomez.


For HM of MoHERST, his goal is to concentrate on planning, executing, and learning from reforms and programmes intended to solve the most fundamental difficulties of skills development. In his recent visit to South Korea, Hon. Gomez described that his discoveries offers a model for Gambians to emulate.


“In 1960, their GDP per capita was $90 but today in 2022, it’s now $35000 representing 390 times increase, eventhough they do not have any major resources and the landscape is mountainous. Today Korea is the sixth leading exporting nation in the world. Samsung alone represents 20% of South Korea’s GDP. I therefore call on all stakeholders in the education sector to introduce mind education for a proper mindset to change & develop The Gambia, by reforming the national consciousness. TVET is the right answer. Let’s embrace it,” said Hon. Gomez.


Finally, Hon. Prof. Gomez commended the School Management and Staff, for working tirelessly in making the school a success story; likewise Parents for investing in the education of their children.