MoHERST, COL hold Induction Meeting on the Implementation of the Gender Scorecards

MoHERST, in partnership with the Commonwealth of Learning (COL), convened an induction meeting on the Implementation of the Gender Scorecards on Tuesday, January 16, 2024, at the Ministry’s complex.

The purpose of this meeting was to acquaint MoHERST Senior Management Team (SMT) with the intricacies of the Gender Scorecard implementation. The objective was to enhance their understanding and encourage them to embrace gender mainstreaming within the institutional framework.

This initiative aligns with the Commonwealth of Learning's (COL) mission to broaden access to learning opportunities through distance education and communication technologies.

The collaboration between MoHERST and COL is expressly outlined in the MoHERST policy of direction and the strategic plan of CoL both aimed at addressing gender mainstreaming needs within tertiary  and higher educational institutions.

Emily Sarr, the Consultant and Representative of CoL, highlighted MoHERST's leadership in driving the Gender Scorecard implementation. She emphasized the synergy between MoHERST's aspirations and those of the Commonwealth, underscoring the necessity of mainstreaming gender in areas where it is currently lacking.

She further elaborated on the two phases of the Gender Scorecard process. The first phase involves assessing the internal environment, focusing on aspects such as organizational culture. The second phase extends to the external environment, examining programs and outcomes emanating from the institutions.

According to her, the goal is to cater to the diverse needs of everyone within the institutions. “To achieve this, a roadmap will be developed based on surveys and external assessments.” She remarked

In conclusion, the Consultant reiterated the commitment of CoL in collaboration with MoHERST, to diligently implement the Gender Scorecard. She emphasized a solutions-oriented approach to address issues surrounding the Gender Scorecards.

Mrs. Fatou Janneh, TVET Focal Point and the Focal Point for Gender Scorecard Project, expressed the Gender team’s commitment to the cause.

The discussion was characterized by interactivity and participation, with senior members of MoHERST's management and staff including the two Deputy Permanent Secretaries in attendance.