STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE– For Authentication of Documents at The Ministry of Higher Education Research Science and Technology (MoHERST)


The public is hereby informed that MoHERST authenticates documents from Post-Secondary Education institutions ONLY (Tertiary/Higher Education). Any document from Basic and Secondary schools are authenticated by MoBSE.

MoHERST will not compromise the presentation of false/fake documents as they will be liable to scrutiny. Anyone found wanting of such deceptive act will face the law.


  1. First, make two copies of the documents to be authenticated;
  2. Write a short application letter requesting for authentication to be addressed to the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Higher Education Research, Science and Technology
  3. Attach one set of the photocopied documents to the application letter;
  4. Submit both the application (with attached documents) plus, the other set of copies to MoHERST
  5. The officer in charge will take the necessary action